The Stargate Project

I have a made a “working” Stargate model from the SG1 TV-show. It spins, the chevrons move and lights up and when a correct address is dialed, the wormhole is established. The wormhole is an infinity mirror effect. The gate is controlled with a DHD. You can check out the video presentation of the Stargate in action here:

I like 3d printing, electronics, programming and making stuff. I also enjoy the Stargate TV-series and decided to make a “working” model of the gate as seen in the TV-show.

This was a challenging and fun project and I had to learn a lot of new stuff. This has been a very time consuming project. There are a few variations of Stargates used in the show and I chose to make the original one from the SG1 series. There are also several logical “glitches” in the technical workings of the gate as seen in the TV show and it even behaves differently in different episodes . I have made it work as best I can while staying as true as possible to the feeling and essence of the TV-Show.


  • A fully interactive working Stargate, complete with a DHD (Dial Home Device).
  • The Stargate ring spins and places the dialed symbol on the correct chevron as the traveler is inputting the address by using the DHD.
  • All 7 chevrons moves and lights up when engaged.
  • The Stargate can dial any milky-way address used in the show.
  • When a correct address is input using the DHD, the wormhole is established.
  • The wormhole effect consists of a animated infinity mirror of 122 LED’s.
  • Complete with sound effects from the TV Show.
  • When the wormhole stays open, selected random audio clips from the TV-Show is played.
  • As in the TV-Show the wormhole can stay open for 38 minutes. When the time limit is reached, a random quote from the show where the time limit is mentioned is played and the wormhole disengages.
  • The Stargate itself is about 39 cm in diameter.

Want to know how it’s all put together? Find out more about the Stargate here, and the DHD here.

Questions or comments?

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21 thoughts on “The Stargate Project”

  1. Great project. Highest detailed models I’ve seen. Did you post the 3D files to Thingiverse or other similar site or willing to sell?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for commenting on my project. I have not posted any 3D files anywhere at the moment. The project is not yet complete. When I am finished I will decide if I’m going to make any files available. I guess there will be the most interest in the STL files? Currently the project is in it’s final stages. Painting.

    1. I am glad to hear that you liked it! I will check to see about the possibility for selling a Stargate or two when the project is finished. It is currently in its final stages, and it will take some time until the painting is done.

  2. Wow, this is crazy amazing. I’ve been looking at several projects in making a working Stargate and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. I’d love to have the skillset to design and build something like this. As with one of the other comments above, I’d certainly be interested if you ever decide to sell one of these once you’ve finished the design! Otherwise, it would be great to buy a design pack/build yourself kit 🙂 Anyway, keep up the good work Kristian! All the best.

    1. Hi Jon,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on my project. Feel free to check back when the gate is done. I will most likely make the files available for download in the end.

      1. That’s no problem, thanks for taking the time to put your project progress online. It’s great to see stuff like this. Out of interest, can I ask what printer you’re using? The resolution looks so fine!

        1. Hi Jon.
          I print all the parts on my Wanhao Duplicator 6. It’s got a rather small print surface compared to the size of the Stargate model. That’s one of the reasons why I split it up in so many parts. It’s taken me a lot of time, trial and error to find print settings that works. I use the simplify3d software to generate the gcode files for the printer.

          1. Many thanks for the printer info, Kristian. Looks like you’ve got it dialled in really well. First part of the paint job is looking good, your brother’s doing a fine job! Do you have any plans to try to apply some fake moss/greenery around/on the base? Really looking forward to how the gate itself will look after painting.

            Do you think you might look to add a second mode in future where the ring doesn’t spin and the DHD simply activates the chevrons? I know the gate often behaves differently depending on the episode/plot, but I was generally under the impression that the Earth/SGC gate ring only spun because they don’t use a DHD (and use the dialling computer instead)?

            Anyway, very much looking forward to your next update 🙂

          2. Hi Jon,
            I have been thinking about adding som “nature” around the base. It’s not prioritized at the moment. But if i can find the inspiration, maybe it’ll get done. I do not think i will add a “not spinning mode”. I have the spinning functionality, so why not use it. 🙂 Also i believe when the chevron lights up without spinning in the series, it’s mostly an incoming wormhole and not when they dial out. But often it’s very unclear in the different episodes.

  3. Why not, spinning all the time is so much cooler 🙂 I think I’d like to try and give it a go at building your spinning gate version at some point when you’re finished, but perhaps try to do an SGC/gate room/gantry-type base!

  4. Really, if you can make enough (or a hundred’ll do) you could make serious money even if you had to pay royalties (for official branding and limited edition). I’d pay anything for this.

  5. Hello Kristian,

    What a great piece you have there. I would love to be able to print this myself and see if I can figure out all the electronics as well. Will you share your files and instructions? Either paid or for free? I would love to tackle this project myself.

    Great job so far, it looks amazing.
    Best regards.

  6. Hi Kristian,

    This is simply the most awesome DIY project that i found on the internet in 2020
    Please please please share the files and BOM, either publicly or at least privately (i will gladly pay for those)
    I kind of need this in my life now 🙁
    Also it looks like a perfect project for long winter evening that are coming my way (central Europe)

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi everyone!
      Thanks for commenting. I am glad you like this Stargate project of mine. I just wanted to let you know that the project is still developing and a new update is coming soon. Most of you ask for access to the files etc. My intentions at the moment is to complete the gate first. (will soon be done). And then I’ll try to make a list as complete as I can of all the parts and gadgets used to make the gate. I’ll try to include links to online shops for most of the parts. I will also archive all the files, 3D files etc. and make them available online for you. I am thinking of taking a small fee for the files. Please check back from time to time, as the update and files will be available shortly.

  7. I can’t wait to see the 100% finished product! Its so exciting! I love it so far! We would be interested in the files, as well! Keep us updated!

  8. Dude this thing is damn amazing! I was about to start printing a stargate model I saw on Thingiverse but this thing is epic. Its pretty much one of the best 3D print projects I have seen. Are you planning on making any how to guides and the like in how to build it and do the electronics?

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