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Painting the stargate (part 1)

aceton smoothing 3d printed abs

It has been a while since the last update on my stargate project. But here’s finally a little something. The project is currently being painted. This is a difficult and time consuming job and I have enlisted my brother in law to paint the stargate, as he has experience with this kind of thing compared to myself. The first step in the process is to smooth the parts by vaping them in acetone.

smoothed stargate parts

This picture shows all the individual parts that requires acetone smoothing.


The next step before we can paint the stargate is to wash the parts. It’s important so that the paint will stick properly.

filing sanding

Another time consuming process is the sanding and filing.

IMG 20200810 081509

The first base layer of paint is applied.

stone corner

After several more layers the stone corner of the base looks like this.


Some top parts of the stargate base.

painted stone base

The base is complete with paint.