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Stargate Update!

The update is finally here! It has been a lot of work and it took some time, but it is finally ready. The updated version is available to everyone who has already bought the files and new buyers will get the updated version.

This is a rather big update. Many of the changes comes from suggestions from the community. Thanks for all your amazing feedback.


The new DHD PCB

The most significant change is the new PCB for the DHD. This new version completely removes the need for the old keyboard PCB. Yes! That is right. Even though “Hacking” an old keyboard and reusing the PCB in the Stargate project was fun, it was not that practical. The new DHD PCB functions as a keyboard by itself. It is attached to the raspberry pi with only one regular micro-USB cable instead of the two cables required in the previous version. Both the keys and the lights in the DHD are controlled through this one USB cable. The DHD PCB is recognized by the raspberry pi as an ItsyBitsy 32u4 – 5V 16MHz and can be programmed like an Arduino.

A huge thanks to my new friend Jonathan Moyes for his expertise when making this PCB. Jonathan has basically made the whole PCB. I could not have done it without him!

The archive does contain the gerber files for this new DHD PCB, but it also contains the project files if you want to study it further.

More details of how to make the DHD PCB can be seen on the updated page here.


People who owned larger printers asked for parts that were not split in so many pieces. There is now a directory with larger parts for larger printers. As an example, the spinning symbol ring can be printed as a whole complete ring, instead of the 5 parts. The lower stairs part is split in two, to make the printing easier. There is however a full stair part for those of you with large printers.

The elimination of the keyboard PCB “forced” some changes to the DHD. Most noticeably the platform for where the DHD stands. I have also added a new object that ties the DHD to the base and hides the USB cable. The painting of this object is not yet done but will be displayed on this site when it is finished painted and assembled.

The STL files where you need to print more than one of the same file is now named with the amount you need to print. For instance, the file 8xOuter_ring.STL tells you that you need to print eight pieces of this part.


I have split the Python program in smaller files to make it easier to read and modify. You no longer need to place the Python program folder in any particular directory, as I have made the path references relative. The order of the chevron activation has been updated and it is now necessary to use the center button on the DHD to establish a wormhole. I have also added a new feature when the black hole planet is dialed. You must never dial the black hole planet! You have been warned! The program is of course also updated to work with the new DHD PCB.

A few people asked about more detailed instructions on how to set up the raspberry pi. I have updated the description here with step-by-step instructions for how to set it all up.

Other info

In other news, for those of you who are waiting for the auction of the completed Stargate I am glad to tell you it is nearing completion. The gate for the auction will feature all updates mentioned in this post and some details not yet mentioned.

Many people have also asked about the possibility to buy a DIY kit with all needed parts. I am in dialogue with a local manufacturing company and are looking into the possibility to have the printed parts made professionally. So far it looks like it will be rather expensive, but I will keep the dialogue going with them to see if we can come to a solution that works for this project.

Will there be more changes or updates? There are still some rather obvious improvements that can be done. I could swap out the chevron LEDs with addressable dotstars to make the wiring a lot simpler and add the possibility to control the LED colors and brightness in the chevrons. One of the hardest things with a project such as this is to draw a line when the projects is “good enough”. I do not think I will draw that line just yet. Also, I would like to shift the focus over to one of the other variations of Stargates from the show. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the other gates as well?