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SG1 Update April 2021

The stargate project keeps evolving and it is time for a new update! This is a big one and it includes some rather neat features.

From Carters lab:

New software with the following features:
  • You can now dial other stargates over the internet and receive incoming wormholes from the internet. More information in the address book here:
  • You can add local stargates or custom internet stargates that is not publicly known and dial them up.
  • We can now dial stargate addresses with different lengths. (Atlantis and destiny) (Chevron 8 and 9 have sound effects only)
  • Self update feature; When there are updates for the program available, they will automatically be applied on startup. (Samantha will tell you over the speaker if there is an update happening.)
  • Actions on the stargate are now being logged in a file on the pi: sg1.log (You can check the history in that file to see if there has been an incoming wormhole while you were away)
  • Some minor features like the DHD blinking to indicate it is ready on start-up and “ready” audio clips are played when the stargate is ready to go.

To install the new software it is recommended to flash the new image on your SD card. The new image is already set up with the new software. You will find download instructions in the archive.

An alternative to using the SD image, you can replace the sg1 folder in the sg1 users home directory with the new sg1 folder from the archive. If you had previously made changes to the chevron part of the code, you will now find this part of the code in the new file called If you are not using the SD image you also need to install some needed modules:

sg1@raspberrypi:~ $ source /home/sg1/sg1_venv/bin/activate
(sg1_venv) sg1@raspberrypi:~ $ pip install -r /home/sg1/sg1/requirements.txt

In addition to the new modules, you also need to install the wireguard software on the pi.

The software is ready with support for the new homing sensor option. To use the new software you will have to enable SPI on your pi. Run the command “sudo raspi-config”, Choose Interface Options and then “Enable automatic loading of SPI kernel module”.

New hardware files:

The archive also includes Jon’s new chevron PCB gerber files and the new gear motor shims. Did you know he also sells complete chevron kits and motor kits?

From the naquadah-mine:

Some new alternate STL files are included in the archive. These are mostly requested changes made on the discord stargate community.

Homing sensor:

When the new stargate main-board is ready, it will include the option to add a homing sensor for the spinning ring. This update includes new and modified STL files to accommodate the homing sensor:

Homing sensor front
Homing sensor front
Homing sensor back
Homing sensor back
  • Core_ring Bottom Left.STL
  • Calibration sensor.STL
  • Glyph_ring_d.STL
  • 2xCalibration sensor wire holder.STL