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SG1 Update January 2022, new base

new sg1 base

This update includes the following:

  • New stargate base
  • New STL files for dual extruder printers
  • STL for printing the large gear in TPU
  • New polished power PCB hardware files
  • Mechanical drawings for the mirrors

New base

It is finally time for a new update. The update has been ready a while, but I wanted the new base painted prior to issuing the update. The painting is delayed, and I decided to go ahead and deploy the update without painting it first. If you decide to use the new base and paint it. I’d like to see pictures.

As you can see in the pictures, in addition to a removable lid this base also has removable stairs. This makes it a lot easier to access the hardware inside the base. The stairs can be laid “flat” when printing using a lot less support than the stairs in my original base. There are slight changes to the raspberry by base also. It makes it easier to get to the memory card and the power PCB is moved a bit to make room for the front stairs.

I noticed some stargate builders having some issues with orienting the STL files when printing. I have oriented the models in the new base the way I chose to print them on my FDM printer. You can choose any orientation that you like, but the default orientation of the models in the new base worked well for me.

Dual extruder parts

I got myself a new printer with dual extruder capabilities and have made new STL files for use with dual extruder printers. If you have a dual extruder printer, you can print the transparent and opaque models together.

TPU gear

TPU gear

I experimented some more with TPU printing and made a new version of the large gear. If you print this gear in TPU it will absorb even more of the stepper vibrations making its spin smoother. The hole in the new large gear is slightly smaller, giving it a snugger fit over the bearings. If you don’t want to fiddle with printing it in TPU you might also get a nice result printing the new gear with your filament type of choice. I have not tested that myself, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

Power PCB v1.1

Due to the delay of part to make the announced main board, Jon was kind and polished up the power PCB, making it proper professional.

How to get it?

As always, the update is included in the downloadable archive if you have bought the files. You can download the archive again to get the new files. The archive is now rather large. If you have issues downloading it, let me know on discord or send me an email and we’ll work something out.

Also, I just want to mention that the work on the Pegasus/Atlantis gate is well under way. It’s still a lot of work and problems to overcome but it’s starting to take shape.