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Painted new base

IMG 20220215 170752

The painting of the new base is finally done. This new base and the Stargate are painted by my wife! I really like how it turned out.

If you are interested in printing and painting this base yourself, you might want to know what colors she used, and such. Here are her painting notes:

The main stone/stair colors:

IMG 20220215 170459
  • Citadel: Karak stone
  • Citadel: Technical Lahmian Medium
  • The Army Painter Quickshade: Flesh Wash
  • The Army Painter Warpaints: Desert Yellow

After priming with Citadel Chaos Black, she applied one or two layers with Karak stone to get the main color of the base. She then washed with a mix of 5 drops flesh wash and 2-4 drops of Technical Lahmian to highlight the cracks and get the desert-sand color look. She continued with dry brushing first with Karak stone and then with Desert yellow to liven it up even more.

The serpent helmet:

IMG 20220215 170330
  • Vallejo: Model wash for dark vehicles, black.
  • The Army Painter war paint: Gun metal.
  • Citadel: Color layer, eshin grey.
  • Citadel: Color base, mechanicus standard grey.
  • Citadel Color layer, Skullcrusher brass.

After priming with Citadel Chaos Black, she applied one layer of eshin grey, followed by black wash. She dry brushed with mechanicus standard grey and gun metal. The decorations are painted with Skullcrusher brass and gun metal.

Base decorations:

IMG 20220215 170622
  • Citadel: Color layer, Skullcrusher brass
  • Citadel: Layer Gehenna’s gold
  • Citadel: Color Contrast Ultramarines blue
  • Vallejo: Model wash for white vehicles, white.

The background faint blue walls are painted with 5 drops with white wash mixed with one drop contrast ultramarines blue, and then brushed with karak stone. The details in the eye of Ra and the decorative arcs are painted with brass and gold.

IMG 20220208 120130