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Buy a complete Stargate?

There might be other stargates put up for auction. If you are interested in getting notified you can sign up here:

Tell me your email address, and I'll notify you when a stargate is ready to be auctioned.

Update 04.06.2021
The auction was a success. Congratulations to tenchi5429 for winning the auction.

Update 08.05.2021
A complete stargate is being auctioned now. Place your bid here:

Here is the video presentation of the exact stargate that is put up for auction:

I have put together a new video of the exact stargate that is up for auction. The video shows the features of the stargate and has a simple how to assemble guide at the end that should be useful for the auction winner. There are some minor assembly required.

We are finally here! The second stargate is done and ready for auction. As you can see in the pictures and video presentation above, it even got some upgrades compared the the first one. The long delay was mainly because it takes a long time making a stargate. The painting process took some time. Also, making it possible to dial other stargates over the internet required more than one stargate and I could not auction the second until that feature was ready. It’s a unique stargate, 3D printed, hand painted, programmed and assembled by real stargate fans!

If the stargate is connected to a wifi network you will have the option to dial other stargates over the internet and you will have the option to receive incoming wormholes to your stargate. The auctioned stargate has the following stargate address:

Power supply

If you win the auction you will have the option to choose the name of the stargate/planet for your gate in the stargate address-book. If you want to change the stargate address we can do that too.

The included power supply support many types of power outlets:

Disclaimer: This is a home made stargate made as a hobby. It is sold as is, and comes with no warranty. However, if you are having issues with it, I will offer my support as best I can.

Update 16.03.2021
We are nearing completion. The gate is finished painted and assembled. Here are some updated pictures of the new gate. Stay tuned.

An enormous amount of people have contacted me in order to buy a complete Stargate:

I have decided (together with my painting partner) that we will take the time to make an extra Stargate with the DHD as seen on this site, and put it up for auction!

The huge amount of positive feedback, and general love from Stargate fans around the world is very inspiring and uplifting. It gives extra energy and will to keep working on this project and create another Stargate. Who knows? Maybe if all goes well, I’ll make a third one? This is just a private hobby project of mine, and the intent is not to create a business or start mass producing Stargates. However, due to the enormous amount of questions about the possibility to buy a Stargate, I will create an extra Stargate and sell it to the highest bidder.

This will be a very limited edition thing. If you’re interested in acquiring the Stargate, you need to stay tuned.

If you want to know when the Stargate is complete and ready to be auctioned, you can subscribe here and I’ll send you an email notification when we approach the auction day! I will also try to keep you up to date with the progress at the blog part of this site: Kristian’s Stargate Project Blog

[The signup form is now removed, as the auction is live]

The auction will not start until the Stargate is complete and “functioning”. When it’s done, the plan is to make a separate presentation video of the exact Stargate that can be yours if you win the auction.