Below is a presentation of Stargates made by other stargate builders, as described in this project. If you have made a Stargate yourself and wants it displayed here, send the information and pictures to I recommend including the following:

  • Stargate/planet name, stargate address
  • Some information about the stargate builder. Location? Age? Your relationship with the stargate series? Have you done similar projects before?
  • Three pictures of your stargate.
  • Printing details? (Type of filament, layer heights, density, etc.)
  • Painting details?
  • What was you hardest challenges you faced during the project, and how did you overcome them?
  • Anything else you would like to include?



Romania, 33yo, hard fan since the start of the SG1 Series, loved all series and movies, watched all
PLA, 0.16 layer height, 40-60% infill
2 months to print including ramp
The hardest challenge was the noise generated by the glyph ring spinning. It was extremely loud and on so many levels.
First I reprinted the whole glyph ring at 15% infill to make it lighter (it made no difference)
Then I sanded the whole ring for 4 hours to make the face, back, and sides (inner/outer) as smooth as possible (still no difference)
After this I greased the ring channel (this made a small difference)
Then I placed rubber feet under the entire gate assembly to reduce vibrations translated to the surface it stands on (this also helped slightly)
But the ultimate solution was discovered by a colleague over on Discord, and that was to place some felt/textile (I used textile electrical tape) on the inner side of the glyph ring, exactly where the ball bearings touch it. (this reduced the notice to something very ok)
I went with the SGC ramp stand because I like it more.
I also added a ZPM Hub + ZPM which gets turned-on, on Chevron 8 (since there is no LED board) Dialing the Pegasus Stargate (Atlantis) – YouTube

Still left to do:
Add cables that go from the bottom, over the side pillars towards the power-claws for effect.
Paint the thing



I am in the US, retired, and I loved the Stargate movie and all the Stargate TV series.  I have the SG1 DVD complete collection and have watched all the episodes.  For our new home (that I named “Planet-Fern” for my wife’s hobby of raising ferns), I planned to put a stargate by the front door and use the 8’ x 8’ window to the dining room behind the stargate to project a video of the ‘wormhole’ effect.  I found a contractor to design and machine a half-scale Stargate from “outdoor-sign” foam in 2015.  I stopped my assembly of the Stargate in front of my new home, as I realized I wanted to add chevron lighting effects, but I did not know how to do that. I also purchased an SG1 season 10 episode “Bad Guys” DHD prop that I plan to create a working DHD key overlay, but I also did not know how to do that.  

A friend recommended I look at Kristian’s Stargate web site in April and I immediately started this project.  It took one month to order and receive the electronics, and during the same time two months of 3D printing and assembly of the Stargate, DHD and tablet.  I began my 3D printing journey six years ago to build a full-size Star Wars BB-8, and I now have three printers and used a Creality CR-10S Pro to print my Stargate.

I exclusively use ABS filament for all my 3D prints and have a full enclosure on my Creality printer to stabilize the temperature and minimize warping. My print settings for this project were 0.15mm layer height and 15% infill for most of the parts.  I used very clear transparent ABS for the DHD keys and Chevron lenses at 0.10 layer height and 100% infill and increased the size of the keys and lenses by 2% to account for additional shrinkage of these transparent parts, compared to the different vendor gunmetal gray ABS filament. I found Kristian’s Stargate discord forum very helpful as it had solutions to several problems I ran into, including how to increase the brightness of the DHD LEDs by simply editing one of Kristian’s stargate python scripts. One remaining issue is the ‘wormhole’ is warped outwards which I believe is due to the plexiglass mirror in the back is being pushed away from the two-way mirror in front – since I can gently press on the center of the rear mirror from the back and straighten out the ‘wormhole’.  I have disassembled the stargate but I didn’t find any issue with the clamping of the mirrors. I also need to file, sand, and paint the steps and platform, but I am very happy with my working stargate and plan to scale some of the concepts to my half-scale stargate and full-size DHD!

I named my stargate address “Cyathea” which is the genus of “Tree Ferns”, which predate the dinosaurs, here is a photo of some tree ferns.