Kristian’s Stargate project

I have a made a “working” Stargate model from the SG1 TV-show. It spins, the chevrons move and lights up and when a correct address is dialled, the wormhole is established. The wormhole is an infinity mirror effect. The stargate is controlled with a DHD. You can check out the video presentation of the Stargate in action here:

Here is a video showing one Stargate dialing another Stargate

I like 3d printing, electronics, programming and making stuff. I also enjoy the Stargate TV-series and decided to make a “working” model of the stargate as seen in the TV-show.

This was a challenging and fun project and I had to learn a lot of new stuff. This has been a very time-consuming project. There are a few variations of Stargates used in the show and I chose to make the original one from the SG1 series. There are also several logical “glitches” in the technical workings of the gate as seen in the TV show and it even behaves differently in different episodes. I have made it work as best I can while staying as true as possible to the feeling and essence of the TV-Show.


  • A fully interactive working Stargate complete with a DHD (Dial Home Device).
  • The Stargate ring spins and places the dialled symbol on the correct chevron as the traveller is inputting the address by using the DHD.
  • All 7 chevrons move and lights up when engaged.
  • The Stargate can dial any milky-way address used in the show.
  • NEW: The stargate can now dial other stargates over the Internet, and receive incoming wormholes from other stargates on the Internet.
  • When a correct address is input using the DHD, the wormhole is established.
  • The wormhole effect consists of a animated infinity mirror of 122 LED’s.
  • Complete with sound effects from the TV Show.
  • When the wormhole stays open, selected random audio clips from the TV-Show is played.
  • As in the TV-Show the wormhole can stay open for 38 minutes. When the time limit is reached, a random quote from the show where the time limit is mentioned is played and the wormhole disengages.
  • Do not dial the black hole.
  • The Stargate itself is about 39 cm in diameter.

Want to know how it’s all put together? Find out more about the Stargate here, and the DHD here.

Questions or comments?

Have you got any questions or comments related to this project? Feel free to use the form below. The form is moderated, and your comment will not appear to the world until it is approved. Would you rather want to contact me directly? You can reach me at

A lot of people are asking if they can buy a Stargate as seen on this site. More information about this here: Buy a complete Stargate?
If you are feeling creative, you can buy the STL files, Python program, Gerber files etc: Build a Stargate yourself?

435 thoughts on “Kristian’s Stargate project”

  1. Glad I stumbled upon your site here. Awesome project. I, like most other commenters here found this after searching the web based on a too good to be true FB add for these.

  2. In the name of science I ordered a “Stargate” from one of the scam sites using a secondary PayPal account and a temporary credit card. Once I receive (if that ever occurs) whatever they’re claiming to be this awesome thing, I will simply do a chargeback and post an update here. Allegedly it has already shipped. 😂 It’s going to be an interesting ride.

    1. Hi hikaricore.
      What an interesting experiment! If you ever do receive anything, I’d be interesting to know what you get. Keep us posted. 🙂

  3. Katrina Everett

    I ran across the Facebook linked ad to a scam company. My common sense led me to do a simple search for ‘Stargate infinity mirror’. I’m glad I found your page. The website is www obliviate-x com [link disabled]
    I don’t know how to report it.

  4. Kuddos to you, this is awesome. I, too, found this after the fraud ads popped up on my feed and will start reporting as well. I am sad I can’t buy one, but understand that if you were to start mass-producing these you would get hit with a minimum a cease and desist letter from those that own the rights to the Series.

    I do have one question. It is programed to turn off after 38 minutes?

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I’m glad to hear you like my project. Sorry about the scam sites.
      To answer your question. Yes, the wormhole shuts down after 38 minutes (give or take a few seconds). When the limit is hit, an audio clip from the show where the limit is mentioned plays.
      However, If you dial a the planet close to the black hole… P3W-451

  5. Ross Griffiths

    Hi there is a website called www nostalgiany com claiming to sell these. They are also advertising on FB. Have reported their ad.

      1. I followed the same ad here. They had embedded your youtube video, two clicks and here I am. I also reported it on FB, hopefully it gets shut down soon.

        Great job on the Stargate, it’s really cool.

    1. Arvo mate.. love it.. and yeah there is a few people on facebook running a scam on this..

      www amethystly com

      have reported their posts on facebook.. and they have started to switch off comments for everyone who are saying its a scam..

      1. how do you cancel your order on amethystly I can’t find the button. the listing was liked by the official gatewolrld account so I thought it was real since they’re official

        1. My guess would be that you can’t cancel it. It’s a scam site, and they are only after your money. Once you give them the money, I guess you will have a hard time getting it back directly from them at least.

          1. they shipped SOMETHING with a real tracking number so IDK wtf they’re sending maybe they actually are 3d printing the parts from your model and shipping it unbuilt idk

        2. As some people have posted before, I came across some scam sites using photos of your Stargate.

          Reported to Facebook already, but here are the links I’ve come across:
          [link removed]
          [link removed]

          I hope people won’t fall for them. So pathetic of Facebook to allow these ads to appear in the first place.

            1. Keith Pendley

              I came across it on a Facebook add selling it as a “standard” or “upgraded” version for like $79 and I was this close to buying it. But I never trust Facebook adds so I thought it might be a scam. After browsing their shop website, Googling, and ultimately finding your page here… I’m glad I didn’t buy it. But amazing job! It really is super cool. I was geeking out hard-core thinking I could actually buy this thing!

          1. Hi I have been seeing the exact same thing being put on facebook by a company under the site name Amethystly com… and I found a general review of this company…stating it is a full scam company… Facebook keeps putting up the work you did for these guys… they don’t do anything against them… Everytime I see it I report it… so far three times today… playing a pop stone 2 game on fb… same issue they keep putting the add of this company in it and there you can’t do anything against it.. I would love such a gate if it is affordable… but I am guessing the time and material makes it too expensive to buy and to fragile to be shipped also … I do want to see it is a marvelous piece of work you did there… if there is a way of commercialising it .. you should do just that .
            take care
            Dominic from Belgium

          2. It’s beautiful and amazing! If u put it on etsy I’d say shut up and take my money:)

            Anyways wells done man

          3. Hey — This thing is cool.. I have seen a few ripoffs of your design on thingaverse but nothing this complete.. Comment, suggestion, question.
            I believe that when a gate is getting an incoming connection it will spin as well, just not lock into any chevrons.. id have to go back and look though..
            When i first saw your demo of the one gate dialing the other the first thing that popped into my head was this would be a bad ass home intercom system.. LOL Im thinking it may not be had to integrate a small microphone.. Id be interested in adding a small round LCD behind the mirror and camera.. 🙂 Since you are using a pi you could maybe use MQTT to tell another gate to start/stop spinning as well as to create a com connection.
            Lastly have you considered redesigning this as the Atlantis star gate? If i purchase your files do you have an issue with me doing those modification?

            Great job man this thing is REALLY COOL.. 🙂

            1. Hi tom,
              In an episode or two in the first season the ring does indeed spin on incoming wormholes. However, that’s the exception and not the norm. I went with the most used approach.
              The intercom/VOIP feature has been suggested a lot. Currently there are no plans for that feature. But who knows. Maybe later.
              And yes, I want to make the Pegasus and Stargate Universe gates also.
              Feel free to make modifications to make it how you like.

          4. I’m assuming this isn’t you: [link removed]
            They’re using your images and description and trying to sell it as their own work.
            They make no mention of your work, I found it via Reverse image search.

            I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Their TOS are super scummy, and you don’t have any indication that you’re selling your work beyond the one off you mention you’re planning to auction

              1. I’m so disappointed! But I’m glad that I went looking for proof and didn’t get screwed. Your Stargate is awesome!

              2. And I just paid for one before I found this. $98 is an expensive lesson to learn. I reported them. So frustrating

                1. Thomas C Evatt

                  You need to put some kind of proprietary marking on your site and files. With 3d manufacturing, electronics, etc. these Chinese companies can build these products and you will never see a dime albeit your quality will always be better. I also reached out to Zuckerberg to look into this issue and do better filtering on these fraudulent products.

                2. Hey buddy… obviously you have a serious money maker if you want to do it!! This could open up a new business opportunity for you!! I’d definitely buy one!.,

              3. More obvious scams on a site (starts with an “O”) being advertised on FB using video and stills lifted directly from your site, happy to to provide links to you directly (you should have my email address from this post).

              4. Love the project.

                It is already being used to scam people via facebook ads.
                [link removed]

                Already reported it

              5. Hi Kristian,
                I think you might want to have a word with these folks: [link removed]

                Saw the ad on Facebook and immediately recognised the project (think I saw it on r\Stargate) before or something, but a brief Google identified the obvious fraudulent nature of the ad. Reported the ad on Facebook, not really sure what else you might be able to do, but figured I’d at least let you know.

              6. Just thought you would want to know, Photos from your Project are being used in a Scam (Selling a Stargate using your Pictures and Videos).

                [link removed]

                Already reported it as a Scam on Facebook.

                Your project By The Way is awesome.

                  1. Wendy Lybbert

                    Hi! Just thought you should know someone is using your images to sell what I can only assume to be a knock off of your design on Facebook. The page is Amethystly Store and it links to their website This is super cool by the way!

                    1. The amethystly store is a scam. They simply stole the video and text from this site. Ordering anything on that store will not get you a Stargate. Sorry.

                      1. Michael T Verhaegen

                        I ordered from them… I hope I wonder if I can sue them for fraudulent advertising

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