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Kristian’s Stargate project

I have a made a “working” Stargate model from the SG1 TV-show. It spins, the chevrons move and lights up and when a correct address is dialled, the wormhole is established. The wormhole is an infinity mirror effect. The stargate is controlled with a DHD. You can check out the video presentation of the Stargate in action here:

Here is a video showing one Stargate dialing another Stargate

I like 3d printing, electronics, programming and making stuff. I also enjoy the Stargate TV-series and decided to make a “working” model of the stargate as seen in the TV-show.

This was a challenging and fun project and I had to learn a lot of new stuff. This has been a very time-consuming project. There are a few variations of Stargates used in the show and I chose to make the original one from the SG1 series. There are also several logical “glitches” in the technical workings of the gate as seen in the TV show and it even behaves differently in different episodes. I have made it work as best I can while staying as true as possible to the feeling and essence of the TV-Show.


  • A fully interactive working Stargate complete with a DHD (Dial Home Device).
  • The Stargate ring spins and places the dialled symbol on the correct chevron as the traveller is inputting the address by using the DHD.
  • All 7 chevrons move and lights up when engaged.
  • The Stargate can dial any milky-way address used in the show.
  • NEW: The stargate can now dial other stargates over the Internet, and receive incoming wormholes from other stargates on the Internet.
  • When a correct address is input using the DHD, the wormhole is established.
  • The wormhole effect consists of a animated infinity mirror of 122 LED’s.
  • Complete with sound effects from the TV Show.
  • When the wormhole stays open, selected random audio clips from the TV-Show is played.
  • As in the TV-Show the wormhole can stay open for 38 minutes. When the time limit is reached, a random quote from the show where the time limit is mentioned is played and the wormhole disengages.
  • Do not dial the black hole.
  • The Stargate itself is about 39 cm in diameter.

Want to know how it’s all put together? Find out more about the Stargate here, and the DHD here.

Questions or comments?

Have you got any questions or comments related to this project? Feel free to use the form below. The form is moderated, and your comment will not appear to the world until it is approved. Would you rather want to contact me directly? You can reach me at

A lot of people are asking if they can buy a Stargate as seen on this site. More information about this here: Buy a complete Stargate?
If you are feeling creative, you can buy the STL files, Python program, Gerber files etc: Build a Stargate yourself?

570 thoughts on “Kristian’s Stargate project”

  1. Hi,
    I come to a f***** add on Fb with your picture and i just be oO : I WANT IT SO BADLY !!
    I checked internet and see that it was currently your job and photo they use. I can say to you : you have made an amazing job !!
    I ask to some friends of mine and a lot of them are agree : if you will industrialise that project, you will have a lot of order!
    That’s such a amazing piece of art for every SG fans you’ve made, and making an entreprise for produce this superb stargate would be a great idea.
    Anyway, good job, you’re an artist !!

    1. You did a great job. I couldn’t believe that ad. Like they say if it’s too good to be true it normally is. I guess some people just have no morals… Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello, just wanted to let you know I ran across a fake add on tiktok,. Very glad I did tho bc I didn’t k ow this existedand my wife tracked you down here to see about getting one. We would love to have one as fans of the show as a child and I sucked my wife into it after we got married.

  3. Just saw the scan ad on Facebook but you should legit start a Kickstarter or indiegogo to produce this. I would definitely buy one.

    1. How much would you charge to make this I’m a collector of movie props and I would love to add this to my collection of course this will be by far the best peace if your interested in selling that one please contact me at this email

  4. John DeMeester

    It would appear there is a Facebook Ad using your pictures and offering to sell the item for $45.

    [link removed]

    The above is the website that the ad directs you to.

        1. Hi Kristian, Falcon Horus from Gateworld here… I see people are already pointing out that someone’s using your vid of the Stargate in an ad. Thought I’d let you know, I just ran across an ad on Instagram (by an account called Vikki Shop — fake as hell too).

          I reported the add and the account to Instagram.
          But at least now you know.

          1. Hi Falcon Horus,

            Thanks for taking the time to write a comment and let me know. And thanks for reporting the fake account. I have become aware of ads and web shops claiming to sell products using pictures and videos from this project. Sadly there is not much that can be done to stop it. Best we can do is probably trying to create awareness, and warn people to check thoroughly before buying anything from an unfamiliar web-shop. A simple google search can give you much useful information.

          2. I’m glad I decided to dig into that Facebook ad. I’ve been cheated once before buying something through an ad I found on FB. I’ve been leery ever since.

          3. Daniel Bourland

            Yep just saw it as well, and knew it was a scam. Glad to find the real designer, and excited to see more.

        2. This project will be complete when you can dial another Stargate and establish a video connection!

        3. jeffrey.tweedale

          Love to build one, but don’t like using a credit card on-line 🙁
          Have you considered PayPal?

        4. Hello Kristian, how are you? First, excellent work. Congratulations! I would like to have one of these, how can I do?

        5. Hello Kristian
          First of all, congratulations for this wonderful project.
          Except for the mirrors and the 3D printing I have put it all together.
          About the printing, can you tell me what filling you used for the pieces?
          Best regards

          1. Hi Skarabee,
            Thanks for reaching out. In regards to printer settings I think it is best to run some tests and see what works best for your printer. Some builders recommend 70% infill for structure parts, 50% on others. Most builders print with 0.1 – 0.2 layer heights. Thinner layers take more time, but yield a finer result. For most of my prints I use adaptive infill with sparse filling in most part of the model and denser infill near the top for a better surface quality. This all depends on the type of printer you are using, the type of filament and your personal preference. Settings that works well for some, might not work for others.
            I wish you all the best with printing your stargate.

        6. Hello, unfortunately my English is not so good so I use google. Since I have no idea about Phyton, I bought a new 3b+. Now I have a few questions. First of all, I have no idea about Discord so I go this way. So I have now assembled the pi the 3 Motoheads the voltage board the image the sound card and the DHD. Only the NEMA stepper is connected. If I start the pi and operate the dhd, the Nema must already turn ? Because he doesn’t. Or do I have to connect all motors and LEDs first? Second question in what order at the ring must the Chevrons . So where is 1, 2, 3, etc. I want to try out the technique before I assemble everything. Sorry for so many questions but so far has been a rocky and expensive road. Best regards Torsten

          1. Hi Torsten,
            Yes, if everything is connected and wired correctly the stepper motor should turn when you operate the DHD. The chevron motors does not need to be connected for the stepper motor to function. Have you soldered the jumpers on the motor hats correctly? There are a section in the FAQ about stacking the motors hats. If you connect a monitor to the pi, or run the program manually from a terminal, you will be able to catch any potential error messages.

            About the chevron order, there is a section about that in the FAQ as well.

            I highly recommend that you join the discord server. Getting assistance with your build on discord is a lot easier and faster.

            1. Buttom Nothing Middle A0 Top A1
              Only One Error Message comes i hope you can see it on the Pictures .
              The DHD comes from etsy . The lights after touching the DHD goes NEVER out . I muste deconnect the Power . By touching the DHD the Sound works .
              I have discord installed but i habe no idea what i must to do . And my englisch without google ist not so good , you see it in this text.

              1. Have you connected the raspberry to a network? WiFi or with a cable? If not, could you try to connect it to a network and check if the error message goes away?

                About discord, there is a file called discord.txt with more information in the archive. It includes an invite link, you can use to join the discord server.

                1. The Pi is connected to the network with cable. At the moment I have dismantled everything again. The solder joints do not have a short circuit. Have now checked this for the third time. This error message was also the reason why I had asked about the pi4. But on the 3b+ it is also. At the moment I have no idea what else to control….
                  I had already executed the invitation a few days ago. Discord is also running and I see everything that concerns the Stargate. That’s not the problem. I just don’t know what to do exactly. At the age of 54, I have always avoided social networks….

                  1. Hi Torsten,
                    I recommend using a raspberry pi 3 b+ for this project. I have not tested the software on a raspberry pi 4 myself. But I think others have made it work. Not without any modification though. You will at least need to update some python libraries to make it run.

                2. BlackOmega368

                  Could you please tell me what screw size is needed to assemble the Stargate. If possible, Metric . In the download package I did not find any information about it. Thank you

                  1. Hi BlackOmega368,
                    This is from the FAQ on this site:

                    You can find the needed screws in the parts list at the bottom of this page.
                    Choosing the right screw size is rather straightforward. There are screw holes in the models and they come in two sizes. The smaller holes fit the 1,4mm thick screws and the slightly larger holes fit the 2.5mm thick screws. Whenever you see a small hole, use the 1,4x6mm screw, and when you see the larger hole, use 2,5x12mm. BUT, there are a few exceptions to the previous rule:

                    When assembling the symbol ring, and attaching the chevron PCB you need to use the 4mm long screws instead, since the 6mm will be too long.
                    When attaching the core_ring to the back ring you need to use the 16mm long screw. (the 12mm is too short).
                    The 30mm screws are only used to secure the inner ring, all they way from the back of the gate and through to the inner ring.

                3. Joseph Caporaso

                  I have finally open the zip file with another program but I have only the hardware files. Where are the STL files?
                  Joseph Caporaso Paypal ID transaction 53C536571A8199341

                  1. Hi Joseph.
                    All files are located in the zip archive. Including the STL files. I recommend downloading the file again to get the whole uncorrupted file. I recommend downloading it using another browser or another computer if you continue experiencing this issue. Also, feel free to contact me at

                4. Joseph Caporaso

                  Hi, i have just buyed the files for building your Stargate. It’s a zip file and when I want to open this, it says that the file is corrupted. Then I can not use it. Could you help me please? My name is Joseph Caporaso and the number of the Paypal transaction is 53C536571A8199341. Thanks.

                5. I fell for the same scam. Oddly enough the next week a second knockoff arrived in the mail, then again today a third one arrived.
                  Not sure why they keep sending them but it’s making me feel better about getting scammed, at least I have some free paperweights to give to friends!

                  But yeah, they copied this whole blogpost for that store page.

                6. I posted previously about purchasing one of these from amethyst something or other……… I actually got it…. a poorly made resin knockoff that is just an infinity mirror…. but hey, it looks …. okay i suppose….. nothing like this piece of art you made though. Remember to check where your buying things from, chinese knockoffs from facebook sometimes are real products…. but they are just that. knockoffs. its not worth getting a knockoff, buy the files and make it! its better in the long run.

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