Kristian’s Stargate project

I have a made a “working” Stargate model from the SG1 TV-show. It spins, the chevrons move and lights up and when a correct address is dialled, the wormhole is established. The wormhole is an infinity mirror effect. The stargate is controlled with a DHD. You can check out the video presentation of the Stargate in action here:

Here is a video showing one Stargate dialing another Stargate

I like 3d printing, electronics, programming and making stuff. I also enjoy the Stargate TV-series and decided to make a “working” model of the stargate as seen in the TV-show.

This was a challenging and fun project and I had to learn a lot of new stuff. This has been a very time-consuming project. There are a few variations of Stargates used in the show and I chose to make the original one from the SG1 series. There are also several logical “glitches” in the technical workings of the gate as seen in the TV show and it even behaves differently in different episodes. I have made it work as best I can while staying as true as possible to the feeling and essence of the TV-Show.


  • A fully interactive working Stargate complete with a DHD (Dial Home Device).
  • The Stargate ring spins and places the dialled symbol on the correct chevron as the traveller is inputting the address by using the DHD.
  • All 7 chevrons move and lights up when engaged.
  • The Stargate can dial any milky-way address used in the show.
  • NEW: The stargate can now dial other stargates over the Internet, and receive incoming wormholes from other stargates on the Internet.
  • When a correct address is input using the DHD, the wormhole is established.
  • The wormhole effect consists of a animated infinity mirror of 122 LED’s.
  • Complete with sound effects from the TV Show.
  • When the wormhole stays open, selected random audio clips from the TV-Show is played.
  • As in the TV-Show the wormhole can stay open for 38 minutes. When the time limit is reached, a random quote from the show where the time limit is mentioned is played and the wormhole disengages.
  • Do not dial the black hole.
  • The Stargate itself is about 39 cm in diameter.

Want to know how it’s all put together? Find out more about the Stargate here, and the DHD here.

Questions or comments?

Have you got any questions or comments related to this project? Feel free to use the form below. The form is moderated, and your comment will not appear to the world until it is approved. Would you rather want to contact me directly? You can reach me at

A lot of people are asking if they can buy a Stargate as seen on this site. More information about this here: Buy a complete Stargate?
If you are feeling creative, you can buy the STL files, Python program, Gerber files etc: Build a Stargate yourself?

446 thoughts on “Kristian’s Stargate project”

  1. Justin Racklin

    Very well done!!! I’d love to see a version down the road that mimics the Stargate in Stargate Command with the clamps, wires, and ramp used to make it work. Thanks!

  2. I love it so much and it would be perfect for a stargate dnd game I am working on.
    I wish I could build this by my self but this is way more advanced than I can actually handle. I am willing to pay for someone to build one for me/guide me step by step and help if any problem arise (I have a 3d printer and can pay for the files as well. the assemble seems so delicate that I would definitely need help or guidance. If anyone is interested in helping please contact me
    Thank you and awesome work !!!!

    1. Me again. Couldn’t stay away.
      I know working on more than one project is a lot of work and I can imagine how time consuming the it is to make two of those.

      have you thought about selling just some of the parts ?
      I am not very smart but I would still love to attempt and take on the project.

      I am a bit (a lot) worried about making the PCB.
      So just to double check before I purchase the files- does the designs and instructions for making one are also included?

      I am that kind of a person who will most likely need all the steps and instructions to even attempt a project like that (and might fail even then. I already mentioned that I am not the brightest right ?)

      Any advice you can offer for someone like me with no great knowledge or experience but that is very interested in making that project?
      Should I give up since I don’t have previous knowledge required to complete the project ?
      Again thank you,
      a really stupid person.

      1. Hi Shilgiia.
        There are no extra instructions included in the files. The “instructions” if you can call it that, are what’s available directly on the web site. I can’t promise that this will happen, but I am in the planning process to check if I would be able to put together a few DIY kits. If I manage to get this up an running I am thinking to include the following in the kit:

        All the required printed parts (the model itself). (you will need to paint them yourself. And I should warn you. A good paint job makes “all” the difference and it’s not that easy to do.)
        All PCBs needed. Fully soldered and ready to use.
        A memory card containing all the software and setup, ready to be plugged into the raspberry pi.

        In addition I’d try to make a video showing how it would be assembled.
        To use this kit you would also need to acquire the rest of the needed hardware yourself. (The acrylic mirror and one way mirror, the led strip for the infinity mirror, the raspberry pi, the motor controller hats, speaker etc..

        Would this be something that could interest you? Or anyone?

        1. Dear Kristian,

          I can definitely say I would be VERY interested by such a kit. I’ve just asked the entire list you put on the website for Christmas hoping I could try to replicate your INCREDIBLE gate. I’ve always dreamt to not only have a functioning replica of the gate but one that would only work if you dial the right addresses. This is brilliant and dedicated work I cannot thank you enough for bringing it to life.

          I’ve dabbled with very easy programming (and the last time I ever did some soldering was 12 years ago so I’m not sure if I could be up to the task), I will see what is possible on my hand but I do think such a kit would be an amazing add-on to make it a smoother ride.

          In any case thank you for your patience and passion, I hope you’re not drowning with all the fans jumping to congratulate your efforts,

          Kind regards from France,


        2. One part that you may need to consider is the explanation around installing Python and virtual on the rasp Pi. Its a little light for a beginner. I am googling my heart out but I am finding various ways to do it but not set up the auto boot process? So an explanation around that for noobs like myself would be appreciated. Pictures with words are great. If that seems like a lot of work offer a software Image. An SD card that a user could purchase for “Plug n Play” would help immensely. I have purchase the files and have the PCB’s cooking away in the factory that makes them.

          Just a couple of thoughts for you!
          Great project and a must have for any fan of the show! 🙂


        3. Hi, Kristian,

          I would very much like to buy one unassembled “kit” from you. This stargate model kit is by far the best version I have seen on the Internet. I have been studying your website since I stumbled upon the video you posted on Youtube last week. It is very impressive! I have no problem about acquiring the rest of the hardware here in Taiwan. I think it is a great idea to sell those three “kits”: 1) All the printed parts. (I don’t have a 3D printer); 2) All PCBs needed. Fully soldered (I was checking how to get one of those old keyboards. But it would be great, if the PCB kit includes one); 3) memory card containing the softwares (Steps regarding how to install would be helpful).

          I was about to ask some questions, but it seems someone already asked them for me in previous threads.

          If this is a green light for you, you can bet I will 100% place my order and fully support you. Thank you!

          A hardcore Stargate fan from Taiwan.

        4. Hi Kristian
          I would like to buy one unassembled “kit” from you.

          Best Regards from Denmark

          Svend Madsen

      2. Kristian, this is amazing. I want one more then I want as so bad I can taste it. And man does it taste good.

          1. I’m interested in buying the STL, but I’m looking for one that is full 360 rendered, i.e. the back of the stargate is detailed and not flat.

            1. I see Alex. Then my gate is not the right for you. You would have to make one of your own. There is no way I am going to be able to fit the motors, leds, wiring etc all inside the gate and make it “perfect” on the backside as well. The gate would have to be made thicker, which kinda breaks the design. But if you can do it, I’d love to see it.

              1. Hi Kristian,

                I’m not looking one that has motors etc in, just looking for one that I can have, potentially just with LEDs in the chevrons, no functionality.

                Just want it to be fully modeled etc.

            2. Just a couple quick questions for you that my Mother who is a huge Stargate/Sci-Fi in general fan has.
              You obviously don’t have to answer.
              She was curious about how old you are and how long you’ve been a fan?

              I have a separate question. Is your goal to only produce one from SG-1 for yourself or are you going to try and make the whole set? (i.e. SG-1, Atlantis and Universe?)

              1. Hi Steven,
                I am 39 years old and live in Norway. I have been a fan of Stargate since I saw it for the first time. I think it must have been in the early 2000ish. I have been toying with the idea to make the two other gates also. It would be fun to have a full set, and to be able to dial from one to the others. We’ll just have to see what time permits. 🙂

            3. Have you thought about replacing the mirror with an led screen to give it a more realistic effect?

            4. Ahmet B. (aka Nosezeichen)

              Reposting my YouTube commens here:

              #comment 1
              Dude, awesome Stargate!
              It inspired me and gave me the following idea:
              1. Let’s exchange the infinity mirror with an LCD screen and head-tracking technology.
              This will allow us to visualize the vortex 3Dimensionally and look at it from all different kind of perspectives. Look up head tracking demonstrations in YouTube.
              2. Let’s take your awesome feature of “all legit milky way gate adresses” and extend it with the following feature:
              – Every time you dial a legit gate address the corresponding episode of Stargate is played. Of course there are multiple episodes featuring the same gate adress, but we can figure out some mechanism to choose the episode. Maybe via the sgc dial computer. Or after the vortex effect, present a list of the episodes. After choosing one display the wormhole travel effect followed by the episode.

              Let me know if you are interested in teaming up for the development of this Idea!
              I also own a 3D printer and like to build stuff and electronic devices (I’m a software Developer😀)

              I’m right now rewatching Stargate and thought of ripping my SG-1 DVD collection to HDD for playback with my tablet, but this gate idea would be awesome too!


              #comment 2
              For example see this head-tracking explainer:

              #comment 3
              And some display example:

              Ahmet B.

              1. Hi,
                I’m glad you like my Stargate Project. Thanks for your interesting ideas. Many have mentioned using a display or a projection instead of the infinity mirror. However, there are other additions waiting to be implemented also. It’s just a matter of prioritizing. The files are available here on this site and if you would like to make an edition with the display you can go for it.


            5. Hi,
              your stargate is absolutely brilliant. At the moment I’m printing your DHD parts. But I have a problem. There are two parts which should be illuminated at each chevron. I can only find the file chevron_V.stl. Which is the other file I have to print with neutral filament, so it could be illuminated? I believe this file is missing.
              Can you please tell me the name of the file?

              1. Hi Peter,
                I’m glad to hear you like it. You are right! The file is missing. I have simply forgot to include it. Thank you very much for informing me. I will take care of it at once. Please check your email for a direct link to the file. Also you can download the archive again from the link you got in your email when you bought the file. The archive now includes the missing file as well.

                1. perfect, thank you very much. I hope I will get the whole project running. My biggest concerns are the pcb’s, cause I never ordert pcb’s.

              2. I love your stargate and you DHD and I’ve seen you were going to auction one when it’s finished but you should definitely sell all the pieces required in one set along with the instructions. Most people don’t have access to a 3D printer.

              3. I run one the largest Stargate Prop and Costume website in world ( myself and couple guy would lime to talk to you about your design and help spread the word on your auction and maybe team up to do small run of these with you consulting…

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