Kristian’s Stargate project

I have a made a “working” Stargate model from the SG1 TV-show. It spins, the chevrons move and lights up and when a correct address is dialled, the wormhole is established. The wormhole is an infinity mirror effect. The stargate is controlled with a DHD. You can check out the video presentation of the Stargate in action here:

Here is a video showing one Stargate dialing another Stargate

I like 3d printing, electronics, programming and making stuff. I also enjoy the Stargate TV-series and decided to make a “working” model of the stargate as seen in the TV-show.

This was a challenging and fun project and I had to learn a lot of new stuff. This has been a very time-consuming project. There are a few variations of Stargates used in the show and I chose to make the original one from the SG1 series. There are also several logical “glitches” in the technical workings of the gate as seen in the TV show and it even behaves differently in different episodes. I have made it work as best I can while staying as true as possible to the feeling and essence of the TV-Show.


  • A fully interactive working Stargate complete with a DHD (Dial Home Device).
  • The Stargate ring spins and places the dialled symbol on the correct chevron as the traveller is inputting the address by using the DHD.
  • All 7 chevrons move and lights up when engaged.
  • The Stargate can dial any milky-way address used in the show.
  • NEW: The stargate can now dial other stargates over the Internet, and receive incoming wormholes from other stargates on the Internet.
  • When a correct address is input using the DHD, the wormhole is established.
  • The wormhole effect consists of a animated infinity mirror of 122 LED’s.
  • Complete with sound effects from the TV Show.
  • When the wormhole stays open, selected random audio clips from the TV-Show is played.
  • As in the TV-Show the wormhole can stay open for 38 minutes. When the time limit is reached, a random quote from the show where the time limit is mentioned is played and the wormhole disengages.
  • Do not dial the black hole.
  • The Stargate itself is about 39 cm in diameter.

Want to know how it’s all put together? Find out more about the Stargate here, and the DHD here.

Questions or comments?

Have you got any questions or comments related to this project? Feel free to use the form below. The form is moderated, and your comment will not appear to the world until it is approved. Would you rather want to contact me directly? You can reach me at

A lot of people are asking if they can buy a Stargate as seen on this site. More information about this here: Buy a complete Stargate?
If you are feeling creative, you can buy the STL files, Python program, Gerber files etc: Build a Stargate yourself?

443 thoughts on “Kristian’s Stargate project”

  1. Super awesomely done! Love all the little details! Applause to you, sir! Chevron’s locked 🙌

  2. I am in complete agreement with Boyd, wow… I was also on the crew for the various iterations of SG, working with Boyd pretty much everyday. Very creative, and very well executed!!

  3. Wow.. amazeballs! Truly excellent. I crewed on the Stargate franchise from the pilot to the final episode of Universe on art and graphics. We likely share some common interests…I’m retired now but still play with cnc, lasers etc. Keep up the extraordinary work! – Boyd

  4. Hi,
    I purchased your files and I just started printing a few parts, to see how they fit together. Everything is going well so far on my CR10-S with ABS filament at z-resolution 0.12mm and a 0.4mm nozzle. However some parts could be improved to avoid using too much support inside (especially for Core_ring).
    And in your list of parts, the screws need to be better detailed. It’s hard to figure out which goes where, and it would be nice if you could add links to buy them easily. I hope you can improve these aspects to help us.

    1. Hi Eric,
      The core ring is a rather complicated part. I am not going to prioritise making any changes to those at the moment. The part works, but it does require a bit of support inside and it’s a bit of work to get the support out.

      In regards to the screws, the most important part is just to use a screw that fits and does the job of securing the parts together. The reason for the missing links on the screws is that I had the screws lying around from before and do not know where i purchased them. If you find any good source for where to buy the screws i’ll be glad to get the link from you and add it to the list. Most of the small screws are from a “glasses repair kit” i think.

        1. Thanks for the link. I have added it to the 1.4×4, 1.4×6 and 3×30 screws in the table. The other links are for 2.6 thickness. I used 2.5. It might work just as well with 2,6 but it might also be a tight fit. Let me know if it works out, and I’ll add that link too.

      1. Hello good Sir!
        I have just purchased the plans, and I notice the Gerbel files are there, but there is no project file with electrical data. Now I know all I need is the Gerbels to get the boards made but it would be nice to have the project files for the boards for the electrical layouts if that would not be an issue. I am a fellow electronic engineer/programmer and it would be invaluable to me to get the project files with the schematic/electrical data/etc. in them. I am using Autocad Ealge, but I am sure I can pull in any type of project file into it.

        Thanks for the time you took to engineer this wonderful model and I look forward to building it along with all the other models I have going on! LOL

        Take Care,

        1. Hi Ben,
          Thanks for reaching out.
          I am currently in the process of making some updates and changes. When they are done I will update the archive with the projects files for the PCBs and let everyone know of the update. There will be a few days/weeks until the update is ready. The update will include some nifty changes. Stay tuned. 🙂

          1. Excellent!
            Glad to know before I begin my endeavor. Just wondering, is there any changes to the STL files or can I start printing now?


            1. There will be a few changes to some of the DHD parts. There will be a new object, and a minor change to two of the chevron parts. (that change is so small that the old one will work also). The update will also include bigger parts, (joined together parts) for those who have larger printers. The lower stairs will also include an optional model where it’s split in two for easier printing on smaller printers.

              1. Oh it pays to keep checking here. 🙂 I have just completed printing out all the Stargate and DHD STL’s. (CR10s and an Ender3) I came to the same conclusion that combining some parts would be a benefit so thank you for continuing to improve the project. Another thing that would aid greatly is to advise how many of each stl to print out. That might be a moot point if you are combining some of the parts. How do you plan to let existing purchasers update their files? I may as well hang off assembling till the new files are ready!

                Great fun to do this over the Christmas holidays!

                Kind Regards to all

              2. Super!
                I have a CR10 so I have a large print bed…I will wait and see what you got coming!
                I have a 400×400 print bed so that will make a huge difference in the number of parts to put together. I hope to see the PCB project files to load into my Eagle software with the update. Keep up the good work Sir.

                Again, Thanks,

              3. Szilárd Szabó

                Dear Kristian,

                I paid the “Kristian’s Stargate files” and how can I download the files?


                1. You can find the download link both after payment on the site, and also it is sent to your email address.
                  If you cannot find the email, also check your junk folder. If you still cannot find it, just let me know, and I’ll send you the link again.

              4. Brittany Heiner

                My daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this! And LOVED the show! She helped on the video game that didn’t make it. 🙁
                Please put her on your contest list. Thank you so much. It’s a remarkable job! If she hasn’t purchased the software instructions herself, I may do so as a gift.

              5. I would be immensely interested in taking part of the auction once your second gate is ready. Unfortunately I can‘t register my email on the given page, as it says I don‘t have permission to add an email address. Can you add me manually?

                Best regards, and congratulations on this absolutely stunning work

                1. I’ll add you manually. No worries. Seems the sites cashe is breaking the sign up form from time to time. I’ll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.

              6. I tried to put my email in to find out when u would do the auction I hope I didnt miss it.

                1. Hi Daniel,
                  You have not missed it. The gate is still in production, currently in the painting process. It will be a while untill it’s fully ready. You’ll get an email when we get there.

              7. I La Fleche Dor I

                Hello, I’m a bird, And I saw your video about your StarGate. First of all, I tell you and I give you all my respect for the result of your work, frankly, it is very pretty and clean. And finally and (seriously), I will be interested in buying two models from you. I currently live in France.

                And I ve a question ? Two questions ?

                Is there an “Atlantis” version? If not ? Would it be possible to have two Atlantis versions? Would it be possible to have the prize too? (Normal and Atlantis version) Sincerely and thank you for your creativity and courage for this project.

                I wait your answer in my email.

                Thank to you.

              8. Gustavo Carvalho da rocha

                Se houver interesse em vender, gostaria de encomendar um; para o Brasil

                If you going to sell, I’d like onde… To came tô Brazil

              9. Did you considered using an addressable RGB LED Strips for the chevrons?
                Might save you a lot of wires going to the controller, plus you get the bonus of changing the color as you like.

                Great Work!

              10. This could easily be worth up to one grand (for hard core fans at least).

                I might suggest making multiple versions for various markets.

              11. This could easily be worth up to one grand (for hard core fans at least).

                I might suggest making multiple versions for various markets

              12. Im very impressed. Please mass produce this or develop a kit that contains everything so it can be put together by the customer. I think every stargate fan would get one.


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